Create a striking custom showpiece from the floor up using Pure Oak’s Herringbone engineered parquetry

Every block of Pure Oak parquet has been carefully constructed using only prime grade oak lamella for the wear layer, that has been bonded to a very strong eucalyptus plywood core that has also been reinforced with a veneer backing.

Prime grade oak lamella is the only wood used in our Pure Oak parquetry. This is fully bonded to a tough layer of eucalyptus core plywood, and all of that is backed with a veneer. This makes for a durable, stable wood that has an appealing look suitable for any location. We stand by the work we do and guarantee that it will meet your approval. The multiple layers that make up our pure oak parquet ensure years of use and real value for your money.

Add a customised stain and finish with solid block parquetry.

It’s possible to have them personalised to meet your specific needs, and it can match your walls or other interior aspects to create a unified or unique look. You can customise the finish and the stain when you choose solid block parquetry from our range of options.

Pure Oak provides the full service of supplying and installing your hardwood parquetry. With over 12 years of experience we can help you out with any unique pattern that might suit your house and finish it off with a customised stain and varnish.

Our Herringbone collection comes in two sizes: 600 x 120 x 15/4 and 600 x 120 x 21/6. The Chevron collection is available in 600 x 90 x 21/6. We can supply both in raw format. Special orders are also available.

Herringbone Collection

Ash Grey

Herringbone Ash Grey timber flooring pattern


Herringbone Cabernet timber flooring pattern


Herringbone Cognac timber flooring pattern

Dark Brown

Herringbone dark brown timber flooring pattern


Herringbone Riesling timber flooring pattern


Herringbone Sauvignon timber flooring pattern


Herringbone Vintage timber flooring pattern

Chevron Collection


Chevron Cannes timber flooring pattern


Chevron Champagne timber flooring pattern

Dark Brown

Chevron Dark Brown timber flooring pattern

Mink Grey

Chevron Mink Grey timber flooring pattern


Chevron Semillon timber flooring pattern

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